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The Lysosomal Research Center (LRC) is committed to provided an array of educational opportunities to the patient and research communities through out the year.  From offering CE credits to professionals at our GRIDS conference to presentations to patient associations, LRC builds awareness of research and treatments locally and internationally.  Additionally, we provide community education, tabling events, trainings and internships as part of our mission to create a greater understanding of rare genetic disorders, research and treatment.


Community Education

LDRTC participates in various area Health Fairs for public awareness and offers free screening for treatable forms of Lysosomal and other rare disorders.

Our  aim was to educate and increase the public’s knowledge on treatable Lysosomal Storage Diseases (LSDs). But also to undertake a screening study via a finger prick stick that identifies undiagnosed patients with treatable lysosomal storage diseases and determine the prevalence of these diseases with special focus on underrepresented minority groups.

Our planned educational activities included all day Face-to-Face education and finger prick test screening. At our events, we offer opportunities for attendees to speak to physicians and genetic counselors with expertise in lysosomal storage diseases.


For more information please contact :

Ozlem Goker-Alpan, MD



Health Care Professional Lysosomal Storage Disease Training Program:

    This program provides the opportunity for the professionals who have direct access to patients with Lysosomal Diseases to gain further practical knowledge ranging from diagnostic clinical laboratory, clinical research, radiology, registries and therapeutics. Only a limited number are invited each time to ensure individualized training that is tailored to each participant.

    This two day training program for HCPs not otherwise familiar with LSDs, will introduce the strategies and best practices for developing a new Lysosomal Strorage Disease Evaluation and Treatment Program. The educational program will include a special emphasis on the many facets involved with caring for this unique population of patients.


Fellowships in the Translational Research Unit at Lysosomal and Rare Disorders Research and Treatment Center (LDRTC). LDRTC focuses on multiple areas of LSDs ranging from study of underlying molecular aspects of LSD pathology, role of lysosomes in autophagy, immunological alterations in LSDs to Next-generation sequencing for clinical diagnostics of rare disorders thus covering basic, translational and clinical research aspects.

We are seeking a highly motivated and technically accomplished individual as reflected by a good publication record. The applicant should hold a PhD in Molecular Biology or related fields. Candidates must be within five years of graduation. The individual should be willing to work both independently and collaboratively as a member of an active research group.

Ideal candidate must have demonstrated experience in advanced molecular biology approaches. Experience of next-generation sequencing workflow, bioinformatics and data analysis is a definite plus. Knowledge of primary mammalian cell culture is preferred, but not required.

Qualified individuals should submit a copy of their Curriculum vitae along with a cover letter elaborating why they are a good fit for this position. Please include the names and contact information for three references.

Candidates must be a US Citizen or a permanent resident. 

Please submit all requested information to:

Call Us: (703) 261-6220



Provides an opportunity for students who are preparing for a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, or for students already in a pre-med program to have further “hands on” experience at the bench or in the clinic. This program offers flexible work schedules with a resume building opportunity. Internship positions are available as year-round or during summer months for short-term projects.

♦  Undergraduate/Graduate/Premed Internship Program

♦  Medical Student Internship Program


For information on how to apply please contact and forward your current resume with which program your interested in:

Margarita M. Ivanova, Ph.D

3959 Pender Drive, Suite 100

Fairfax, Va 22030

Phone (703) 261-6220


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